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How Can Factoring Benefit My Company?

Carter Funding Corporation can help make you more profitable by providing funds to fuel your growth. Use our funds for:

  • Payroll
  • Purchasing additional inventory
  • Marketing
  • Adding More Customers
  • Increasing your purchasing power

We also save you time by aiding with your Accounts Receivable Collections.

Do I need to sign a long-term agreement?


How do I get started and how long does it take to get funded?

Fill out the quickAPP on our Homepage and a senior manager with Carter Funding will contact you immediately. First time funding normally occurs within 3 business days and thereafter, within hours of your request.

How do I know if my accounts are eligible to factor?

Carter Funding approves all new customer credit requests within 24 hours and often within hours.

What happens if you receive a payment from my customer for an invoice I did not factor?

We reimburse the full amount to you at no charge…no fees deducted.

Is there a limit on how much I can factor?

How much money Carter Funding will make available is limited only by the financial strength and credit worthiness of your Customers.

What happens if I sell you an invoice and my customer fails to pay?

If your customer fails to pay a factored invoice within a previously agreed upon period of time, say 90 days, then you are required to “repurchase” the invoice usually by deducting the invoice amount from the next funding.

How do I keep track of invoices I have factored and payments you receive from my customers?

Carter Funding Corporation provides same day copies of all of the checks received from your customers either by Fax, Email or through 24/7 secure access to our website…however you choose. A current accounts receivable aging report is always available through your secure login on our website.

If I tell my customers about Factoring, will they think less of my company?

To the contrary, many of your customers may be factoring themselves. They will know that you have the financial strength to attract the services of a reputable Factoring company like Carter Funding Corporation.

How will my customers know that they are supposed to remit payments to you?

CFC will assist you in notifying your customers that remittances for invoices due are to be paid to you, but c/o Carter Funding at our lockbox. Most companies are quite familiar with factoring and make the remittance change through their AP department. CFC requires that you include the new remittance address on the invoice.

How do you approve credit limits for my customers?

CFC will diligently and quickly research available credit sources such as D&B and Business Credit USA as well as traditional methods of contacting trade references to determine a “credit limit” for each of your customers. As long as your customers are strong credit worthy entities, your limits will often be more than you need.

Am I eligible to factor if a UCC is filed against my company?

Carter Funding is often able to fund against your existing accounts receivable even if a UCC has already been filed. Frequently, we are able to obtain a subordination agreement from other lien holders that would allow CFC to fund against your accounts receivable.

Does Carter Funding hold a “reserve”?

No. Carter Funding Corporation does not require a “reserve”. Once an invoice is paid, we “rebate” the reserve less the fee either the next business day (when electronic funds are received) or in three business days (when the remittance is in the form of a check). CFC will not hold your money until the 1st and 15th to “settle” your activity like many Factors.

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