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Communication Industry Factoring

Communication Industry Factoring
The Ultimate Solution to Continued Business Growth and Success

Whether you have a startup or growing business, and if you’re operating in the communication industry, then you are most likely struggling to attract more business and sign more contracts. To win contracts, a great strategy is to offer flexible credit terms. However, when offering flexible terms, this can lead to drying up working capital.

Access to supplementary cash is as important for startups as it is for established communication companies. It can help you meet your urgent cash flow needs quickly. With positive working capital you can easily fulfill ongoing contracts for which you might need more inventory or equipment. Besides this, it can also help you meet your monthly payroll expenses and tax obligations in a timely manner.

If your business in the communication industry is struggling to solidify working capital, this may cause you to lose contracts and clients because of missed deadlines or to have high employee turnover because of inability to pay salaries to workers. If your business is struggling to solidify necessary funds, communication industry factoring may be the solution for you.

At Carter Funding Corporation, we extend our factoring services to startups and growing businesses in every segment of the communication industry including but not limited to Cable, Telecom facilities, VOIP service providers, wireless service companies, Call centers, etc. Our communication industry factoring solutions are flexible and convenient. There are no long-term contracts, debt payments or restrictions to use cash. You can use the cash transferred through factoring for any purpose, without any limitations.

What Is Communication Industry Factoring?

Under this service we will purchase your ongoing accounts receivable and invoices and pay cash up front with factoring rates as low as 1 percent. With Carter Funding Corporation, you can enjoy advance rates up to 90 percent and application approvals within 24 hours. Upon approval of your application, cash can be transferred within 3 business days. Thereafter, funds can be obtained on the same day of the request.

Your factoring line of credit with CFC is only limited by the credit worthiness of YOUR customers!

Serving the industry for more than 22 years, we have a rich experience, in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of the challenges related to communication industry operations & billing. This allows us to facilitate your financing needs better, and more efficiently.

Whether you’re looking to finance a new growth opportunity, improve your financial standing in the market, or fund a business acquisition, we can tailor the best factoring solution according to your business needs.

Our communication industry factoring solutions are flexible and convenient. There are no long-term contracts, debt payments or restrictions to use cash. You can use the cash transferred through factoring without any limitations.

Give us the opportunity to serve you. Let’s start a conversation to discuss your communication industry factoring queries and service needs. We’ll answer all your questions with a smile and provide you with the best factoring solution that suits your cash flow needs. Call us now!

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Communications Industry Factoring

Carter Funding Corporation has been around for over 24 years. All this time we have involved ourselves in invoice factoring. Of course, there are many companies we have seen get into the factoring business. Unfortunately, not all of them have been lucky to stay around longer to tell the story as we do. In fact, most of the companies make mistakes in the first two years, go broke and close their businesses.  We are a big player in the Factoring Communication Industry, and we are committed to ensuring that players in this industry deliver all the promises they make to their clients.

If your company is in the communication industry or you do business with firms such as Direct TV, Xfinity, AT&T, Comcast and much more, you do not have to worry about finances. If you have already delivered services or products to the companies, all you need to do is to take your phone and call the Carter Funding Corporation President and share with him your thoughts. You will learn about our Invoice factoring Communication Industry program and determine those that your company can benefit from.

If your company services techs or installs communication services in businesses and homes, you have a chance to help you raise the much-needed cash to help you serve your clients even better. We are the ultimate solution for the growth of your business. We offer accounts receivable factoring communication industry to help businesses in this field attract more clients and sign more contracts by helping in sustaining their working capital to enable them to continue offering their products and services to their clients with little hitches. If you are in the communication industry, you don’t have to struggle because your finances are tied up in capital. Make that important call now and learn how our flexible terms can help you grow your business.

We give companies in the communication industry access to additional cash. This is important because it helps them meet urgent cash flow which they need to fulfill ongoing contracts which need more equipment and inventory. Carter Funding Corporation can help your business meet its monthly payroll expenses and any other financial obligation such as paying taxes. All you need to do is to use our Factoring Communication Industry product which avails quick funds to companies in the industry.

Anyone in the communication industry should not miss or lose contracts because of finances. Also, you should neither lose employees nor have a high employee turnover just because the company is struggling to raise funds to meet its payroll needs.  Carter Funding Corporation offers timely access to funds to players in the communication industry, meaning that they no longer have to wait till when the accounts receivable are paid. It enables them to work on multiple projects with confidence since they know that cash will be available when they need it.

Carter Funding Corporation has worked and served players in the communication industry for many years. We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges clients face and have reserved enough money for the industry. Our funding solutions guarantee you access to enough working capital through the flexible invoice factoring communication industry program.

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