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Government Contract Factoring

Government Contract Factoring Allows You To Foster Business Growth by Quickly Factoring Your Ongoing Government Receivables

Providing goods & services to government firms and agencies is a great way to accelerate your business and take it to the next level. Government contracts are often large and offer lucrative opportunities much needed for businesses to grow and strengthen their position in the market. However, working with government agencies can lower your working capital because of the lengthy project payment terms. In fact, big government contracts have the potential to easily dry up cash flows and make it extremely difficult for businesses to fund other growth opportunities that may crop up and arise over time.

Your ability to offer credit terms can win you great contracts but lower your working capital too. If you wish to keep supplementary cash-on-hand while you continue to work on large government projects, then government contract factoring is your best bet!

By factoring your aging government receivables now you can easily ensure a steady source of cash flow which otherwise would take 2 to 3 months to convert into cash. In other words, government contract factoring provides you the funds you need to:

  • Meet ongoing costs of doing business
  • Pay salaries to employees in a timely manner
  • Increase business liquidity
  • Take on more projects on generous credit terms
  • Have control over your cash flows
  • Fuel your business growth by overcoming capital constraints
  • Strengthen your business portfolio by taking on large government contracts over time


When it comes to fast, reliable, and flexible government contract factoring services, Carter Funding Corporation is a name you can trust. We take pride in being the first and top choice of businesses for factoring services in the US. Our simple and stress-free process, quick funding solutions, and transparent factoring terms has helped us build a stellar market reputation. Our success can be gauged by our ever increasing customer base which includes both satisfied customers and referrals.


Our rich experience and industry knowledge is what makes us the go-to company for government contract factoring. Our 22 years of rich experience enables us to navigate the government contract factoring environment confidently by leveraging on our profound industry knowledge in government regulations. We at Carter Funding Corporation understand the payment practices, culture, additional processing requirements and unique terms for government contract factoring which allows us to offer you a smooth factoring experience unlike our competition.


At CFC, our goal is to provide you affordable, quick and best invoice factoring solutions. We work passionately with you to support your continued business growth. For more information about our government contract factoring solutions or service assistance, feel free to contact us today!

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Raise Cash through Factoring Government Contracts

It is true that small and medium scale businesses are often worried about how they can raise cash to build services or provide products to fulfill orders placed by the government.  Also, it is important to note that government orders are always bulky and require a substantial amount of money to fulfill them. If you are one of those businesses that do business with the government, Carter Funding Corporation is a caring partner that will not only listen to you but will provide the much-needed finance to help you fulfill orders. We specialize in Factoring Government Contracts.

Our accounts receivable factoring government contracts program is tailored to enable you to compete favorably with other businesses to meet government orders. Your business will be guaranteed a stable flow of finances regardless of the duration the government takes to process payments. If you have government accounts receivables, we shall keep your business afloat by availing the much-needed finances to ensure that you meet all your operational costs and deliver your contractual obligations hustle-free.

Companies that provide janitorial services for government-owned facilities or those that sell products such as equipment, technology or vehicles, at a federal, state or local level should rest assured that they have a reliable partner to help them deliver on all their promises.  We understand that the government takes 30-60 days to process and pay the invoice. This could tie down resources and inconvenience business that do not have the financial resources to meet them day to day expenses and purchase the products specified in the orders. Often, such businesses may attempt to get money from the financial institution. Unfortunately, they end up getting frustrated regarding wait time and other red tape involved. Luckily, Carter Funding Corporation is here to help your business grow. We don’t care about your credit score or financial records. We offer accounts receivable factoring government contracts solutions that will provide the needed cash within 24 hours. This means that you will not wait for the 30 or 60 days for payment. We will get you approved quickly and help you deliver the services or products ordered by the government. 

Our government contract invoice factoring program provides up to 90% of the invoiced amounts to enable you to deliver on the next contract. 

Carter Funding Corporation’s business is Factoring Government Contracts to grow small and medium-size businesses. We have the expertise that keeps us ahead of our competitors, and we work to keep you free from facing a cash-flow squeeze. Pick up your phone now and call Carter Funding Corporation’s president and learn more about Invoice Factoring Government Contracts.

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