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Factoring for Amazon Vendors

Funding for Amazon Vendors

Amazon has become the way of life not only to consumers in the US but the world as a whole. It is the best online selling platform that gives manufacturers and distributors a chance to sell their products on a global scale. Once goods have been produced, they should be promoted and sold to buyers based in different parts of the world. A seller who plies their trade on Amazon face a myriad of challenges and require Funding for Amazon Vendors programs to ensure a consistent cash inflow to finance their activities.

Among the problems seller meet include:

  • Increased orders
  • Replenishing their inventory
  • Meeting advertising expenses
  • Slow growth
  • Shipping expenses
  • Waiting for 30 to 60 days before payments are made
  • Limited credit

As such, sellers need a firm that offers Factoring for Amazon Vendors to enable them to raise the much-needed cash.   

At CFC, we understand that merchants who sell their products to consumers get paid immediately. However, sellers dealing with organizations and companies must wait for long before payment is made. The wait time could be a big surprise to the vendors and is unwelcome. Luckily, we provide a solution to this.

Our invoice factoring for Amazon vendors is committed to providing immediate cash to be used to expand and grow Amazon businesses without having to wait for months before their clients make payments. If you have invoices from creditworthy clients, you don’t have to wait for them to make payment. You can factor them at CFC and allow us to wait for 30 to 60 days. This way, you will have the cash to replenish your inventory and the capital to take on the next opportunities.

Within 24 hours, our funding for Amazon Vendors will avail up to 90% of the amount on the invoice in the client’s bank accounts. The cash may be used to pay their employees, market and advertise their products, meet shipping expenses and take on new orders.

Whether you are a new Amazon seller or an experienced one, you still have to juggle with your cash flow. The ever increasing number of customers on this worldwide market requires more cash than what you can raise. You need programs such as Amazon vendors invoice factoring to finance you when you need cash. Remember the health of your business depends on how you manage your invoices and how fast you can convert them into cash. At CFC, our accounts receivable funding for Amazon vendors is tailored to meet your day to day needs. 

Our team of experts will help you balance the act by advising you on the options you have to help you create a reliable source of cash and ensure that you have enough money to cushion you from a cash crunch. Typically, when you ship your products on Amazon, they wait for the shipment to be confirmed and agree to pay you as soon as they receive the confirmation. Once the client has released payment, Amazon will deduct their fee and deposit the amount in your account after 14 days. Waiting for 14 days can make you lose business.  

Give us the opportunity to serve you. Let’s start a conversation to discuss your factoring questions and service needs. We’ll answer all your questions with a smile and provide you with the best factoring solution that suits your cash flow needs. Call us now!

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Why Use Us For Factoring for Amazon Vendors?

Our funding for Amazon Vendors program is designed to help clients cope with urgent financing needs as easily as possible. Here are the unique features of our program:

  • Factoring rates start as low as 1 percent
  • We offer up to 90 percent advance rates
  • Approvals within 24 hours
  • 24×7 online access to invoice images & reports
  • Dedicated factoring account manager
  • Professional collection department

We not only focus on the e-commerce vendors industry but we can also serve you in other aspects as well be it through communication industry factoring, service industry factoring or even in government contract invoice funding. Call us now and see for yourself what Carter Funding can do for your business.