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Logistics and Distribution Factoring

Take Advantage of Our Flexible and Quick Logistics and Distribution Factoring Solutions to Overcome Cash Shortage Right Away!

Maintaining high liquidity in the logistics and distribution industry is not easy. Many distributors often have to offer clients flexible credit policies with 30 to 90 day receivable terms to get more business and stay ahead of the competition. On the other hand, distributors often get short-payment terms from manufacturers and suppliers.

Slow payments from customers and short-payment terms from manufacturers make it difficult for distributors to strike a balance. This creates a cash shortage which is hard to meet. This is where we can help. At Carter Funding Corporation, we offer distributors in the US quick and flexible logistics, distribution and transportation factoring solutions. Whether you’re a perishable goods distributor, apparel or appliance distributor, at CFC, we can help you meet your urgent cash flow needs by buying your invoices/accounts receivable upfront.

Factoring requires no long-term contracts, no repayments, and more importantly doesn’t add to your financial liability. It provides you easy access to cash which you can use to pay off suppliers and meet your ongoing business expenses.

At CFC, we understand the working capital needs of a distributor and the urgency factor. Therefore we have made our logistics and distribution industry factoring process as easy and simple as it can be. All you need to do is apply and setup your account with us. Once we receive your application, we’ll process it, verify and send you the approval within 24 hours and provide you with funds within 3 business days. Thereafter, funds can be obtained on the same day of the request.

At Carter Funding Corporation, we strive to help you stay liquid and take your business to greater heights. We work cohesively with you to grow your business and meet all your financial challenges with ease. This is truly evident from our quick, dedicated and affordable factoring services. Unlike other factoring companies, we offer you same day factoring approvals without any delay, up to 90 percent advance rates with no restriction of use, and a dedicated account manager who answers all your queries and helps you navigate through the process without any hassle. Also, with us you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and costs. We offer you a clear factoring rate as low as 1 percent per invoice!

Your factoring line of credit with CFC is only limited by the credit worthiness of YOUR customers!

For more information about our logistics and distribution factoring solutions or service assistance, get in touch with us today! We can help you overcome cash shortage immediately.

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