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One of the largest issues that plague a small business is that it continuously requires adequate cash flow. Without having the right amount of funds to operate, you don’t have the needed cash flow to offer your product or service on credit to your customers. This causes problems when you are trying to grow your business in the market.

Having bad credit worsens the problem and seriously limits your funding options. Fortunately, you can still be approved for invoice factoring. It is without a doubt the best option to gain funding for small business if you have bad credit. Here are a few reasons why.

Invoice Factoring Offers Quick Cash

When you are in debt and you need money, and you need it fast! Fortunately, invoice financing allows you to get money quickly.  Often, you can get cash within 48 hours.   In addition to the fact that it allows you to gain funding, it is also a fairly quicker than other products. With quick approvals, your business can easily maintain the demands of your biggest customers while enhancing your relationship with them.

Invoice Factoring Is Not a Loan

Since your receivables bound your cash for a while, it makes your financial situation look even worse to banks. Invoice Factoring helps you to get immediate cash for those receivables. Since it is far from a loan, you also do not have to worry about falling further in debt.

Invoice Factoring Offers Better Cash Flow

The worst part of having credit problems when you need cash for your business, it is urgent.  You may not have enough cash flow to operate and need money now. Even if orders are coming in, you cannot fulfill them since many customers will want to be invoiced – something a debt-struck small business cannot offer. Invoice Factoring enables you to get a smoother cash flow going.

Invoice Factoring Does Not Require Credit Checks

Opting for invoice factoring does not require any credit checks, which means that having credit problems will not stand in the way of your small business being approved. This is one reason alone why it is the best funding product for a small business in debt.

Do you want to learn more about how invoice factoring works with bad credit?  Give Carter Funding a call today!