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Have you been hearing a lot about invoice factoring for the manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing industry is a rapidly growing industry and many companies are looking for ways to maintain adequate liquidity. To meet the needs of manufacturers, Carter Funding is offering invoice factoring for the manufacturing industry. 

Want to know about it in detail? Keep reading as we provide more information about manufacturing industry factoring.

Manufacturing Industry Factoring 

Meeting expenses in the manufacturing industry can be difficult when the due payments take weeks and even months to arrive. Instead of waiting for money and settling for stunted growth and poor cash flow, you can get financial help from a reputable factoring company to keep your business and growth going. Your unpaid invoices will be purchased by the invoice factoring company which in return will pay you an advance of up to 90%. You can make use of this money to cover all the operating expenses that you cannot afford to delay.

Manufacturing Industry Factoring Allows You To Grow!  

There are a number of benefits of using an invoice factoring company for the financing needs of your business. Let’s have a look at these below.


Fast approvals

When you use Carter Funding, manufacturing industry factoring applications are processed on the same day and funded within 3 business days.  After that, funds can be obtained on the same day of the request.


Be more flexible with your suppliers

You can take advantage of bulk ordering and can negotiate on early pay discounts when you have enough cash in hand. This will help you in increasing relations with your suppliers and being much more flexible than before because you will have working capital to negotiate terms.


You can manage and even eliminate your current debt

When you have a regular supply of cash in hand, you will be able to pay off your debts that have been holding down your credit ratings. Steer clear of your old debts to help increase your creditworthiness that will increase the chances of future financing.


Save money and time

There are a number of ways that invoice factoring can help you save money and time. Carter Funding will assign you a dedicated account manager who works with you cohesively to provide you with the best and most cost-effective factoring solutions your business needs.

If you think your manufacturing company needs the services of an invoice factoring company, it is time you get started and find the best manufacturing industry factoring company that can help you in your financial matters. Taking the help of a factoring company for your manufacturing firm will allow you to concentrate on much important aspects of your business than worrying about payments and working capital.