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There are a number of staffing agencies working hard to provide employment to more than 14 million people each year. Almost all the professions, including but not limited to hospitality, industrial, medical, IT, clerical, janitor, nursing and a lot more. While these staffing agencies face a real time struggle looking for the right candidates for a particular position and industry, there are other major problems faced by them as well that not many people tend to talk about.

Like other businesses, staffing business also has some aims and goals that are restricted by the following problems:

  • Problems with cash flow
  • Not being able to meet the deadlines set for payroll
  • Not being able to meet the tax obligations of the company
  • Not having enough funds to advertise and market their services to get more clients

There is a significant amount of capital needed for running the operations of a staffing company. Like other businesses, staffing agencies also need a significant amount of cash to meet their daily expenses and keep their company running. They cannot be late on their payroll because they will end up in serious penalties if they do so. They can be fined by the IRS, can be sued by their employees and can also be penalized by the Labor Department.

Capital problems are faced by a majority of staffing companies because they have to recruit, train and place temporary staff before they can send their invoices to the clients. All of this takes a lot of time. The temporary staff also has to be paid for the time they are working each week. Staffing agencies also have to keep funds for rent, staff salaries, marketing, advertising and other operational expenses. When there is a constant juggling between expenses and revenues and there is not enough cash in hand, staffing agencies can get help from Carter Funding.

Why Choose Carter Funding for Staffing Invoice Factoring?

Wondering why you should go for Carter Funding when there are so many funding options out there? Well, here is why you will find no other factoring company better than Carter Funding:

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Approval of factoring application within 24 hours
  • Get up to 90% advance rates
  • Rates of factoring as low as 1%
  • Get immediate cash within 3 days of approval
  • Get a dedicated account manager to manage your factoring

If you are looking for flexible and fast funding, the top choice is Carter Funding. If you are a staffing agency and need help with working capital, all you have to do is get in touch with the company and get the best options for invoice factoring staffing. With Carter Funding, you will get a steady and reliable source of working capital that can be used it foster your business growth and meet the operational expenses that have been due for too long. And, most importantly, you will never be worried about not having enough cash in hand anytime now.