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IT Business Factoring by Carter Funding Corporation

The IT industry is, without a doubt, among the hottest industries that operate around the world. Since most businesses in this industry are larger, and financially backed, it becomes difficult to cope up with competition. This is most true if you are a newbie in the market. However, that does not mean you should refrain from competing in the IT business marketplace.

Being from the IT industry means you should always be strong enough financially to cope up with its high level of demands. This is where Carter Funding Corporation comes in.  We are one of the top IT business factoring companies in places like Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Here are a few reasons why choosing our factoring services could be the best alternative for you.

Quick Approval

One of the core reasons for selecting our factoring service for your IT business is that we can have your application approved within 24 hours. This allows you to process demands of your clients without worrying about funding.


We, at Carter Funding, allow you up to 90 percent advance rates. This is especially great for those startup IT businesses that are growing rapidly and require advances for their invoices to keep their business moving.

No Credit Limit, Contracts, Minimums or Maximums

The best part of factoring your business is that you are not engaged in any long term commitments. This is because with Carter Funding Corporation, you are not receiving a loan, but in fact turning your own receivables into immediate cash. This not only allows you to make use of the credit worthiness of your customers, but also keep your balance sheet clean as nothing goes into your ‘liability’ section.

Business Factoring Companies and Startup

To get a loan from a bank, you need to risk your fixed assets by using them as collateral. In addition to that, you also have to qualify for the loan. Factoring does not require all that, which gives you one more reason to opt for Carter Funding Corporation.

The thing about choosing factoring for your newly set IT business is that it provides an alternative to attain immediate cash to assist your cash flows. If you have started your IT business in Tennessee, Carter Funding will not only help you through the initial stages, but also assist you while you are on your path of growth.

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