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2018 is coming to a close and we’d like to take a look back at some of our most popular tips from the last year.  Carter Funding Corporation has been providing solutions for clients since 1994 with simple answers to their cash flow needs. Often, these have been startups with great business plans, new products or services and a vision to grow their companies. Other times it is young growth companies that require a second phase infusion of readily available capital to fuel the growth from their early success.  We hope that we can assist you in 2019!

Basics of Invoice Funding
Simply put, invoice funding is a great way for small businesses to get funds. While it may be somewhat more complicated than applying for loans, it offers great benefits when applied successfully and your clients pay on time. For one thing, invoice factoring rates are a lot more affordable in the long run than rates charged in business loans.

How To Get Funding With Bad Credit
One of the largest issues that plague a small business is that it continuously requires adequate cash flow. Without having the right amount of funds to operate, you don’t have the needed cash flow to offer your product or service on credit to your customers. This causes problems when you are trying to grow your business in the market.

Bank Said No? This Could Be The Reason Why.
In most cases, small businesses are denied loans by banks due to poor business credit scores. Unfortunately, most small business owners do not understand their credit scores. From the survey, 75% of small business owners did not know where to search for their credit scores while 45% of them did not have an idea that they had credit scores.

Why Use Factoring to Pay Tax Obligations
Operating a business is not as easy as everyone pictures it It requires commitment, determination, indomitable will power, patience, and a lot of luck. And, it is fairly common for small businesses to have cash flow problems.

Increase Your Marketing With Invoice Funding
If you own and operate a B2B business, chances are that you have faced cash flow problems in the past. Businesses can suffer tremendously when they face cash flow problems. Of course, you might have piles and piles of outstanding invoices, but what good are they when you don´t have liquid cash to meet your operational costs? How do you pay your employees during such times? And, in worst cases, if have to pay taxes, how do you go about wriggling yourself out of that situation? How are you supposed to grow your business when you don´t even have a single cent to invest in marketing and advertising?

Why Invoice Factoring is Better Than Using Credit Cards
Most businesses are looking ways to expand their everyday operations or start new projects. These new advancements are important for the survival and progress of a business in a competitive market. However, such instances also require the business to raise cash for the funding of such expansions. This is where the question of how to and from where to raise the necessary funds becomes pertinent.